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The Starting Line

last post: THE PLOT by twiztid
I know you are probably eager to get to creating your character and start roleplaying. But there is one thing that is asked of you before you do anything else. READ THE RULES!

last post: Staff Applications by Nat
If anything big happens here on Geneva Valley, you will learn about it here.

last post: Horse Information by twiztid
Have a question, or confused about something? New and old alike, we all have something we need a little help with. This is where you can ask questions and look for help, on anything pertaining to this roleplay. Vetern members, if you feel that you can offer help then don't be afraid to jump in and help. Guests can ask questions too!

last post:
The staff will run activity checks every now and again, so be sure to post when one is up. You don't want to be counted as inactive do you?

For Your Character

last post: Daedalus WIP by mrsphish
Come here to create your horse. Use the form provided inside and remember: A member of the staff must first accept your character before you may play for them.

last post:
If you have a horse you no longer wish to play for, post their stats here to allow another member to adopt them.

last post:
Have an idea that you think would be a great plot? All ideas for IC roleplay ideas can be posted here.

Need a bit of help keeping track of your characters? Here is the place where you can keep a log of all your characters. This is not a required thing, but it's here if you need it. One thing though, all characters must have a bio accepted by the staff before they can be placed in a log.

Come here to spend your Equus and buy neat stuff for your characters.

Northern Lands

This is where all horses can interact with one another, if they be Southern, Western, or even Eastern. This is where herd owners can come to claim slaves, or where the Easterns can introduce wanderers to the ways of the East.

last post: Angel x Sinner by Nat
Here is where couples, whether they be happy or not, come to conceive new life. Fill out the forms provided and a member of the staff will provide the stats of the foal(s).

last post:
Expecting? Here is where mares gather to bring their offspring to the world. Stallions are not allowed here unless they are invited by the mare.

Battle to the bitter end for your rights here at the Battlegrounds. Challenge an opponent to a duel for freedom, territory, slaves, foals, what ever your reason may be. Set the terms of the battle then fight!

last post:
The sick, elderly, and the dying always seem to find their way here no matter the conditions. Here is where horses come to die, whither it be in peace or not.

Eastern Lands

last post:
What a beautiful place this land is. The sun always shines, even when it is raining, giving this grassy valley a welcoming feel. Several small creeks run through the land, providing the horses with water to last. This lovely valley is large enough to accommodate every horse who wishes to stay. The horses of the east live in harmony here, following Hera's peaceful example.

Travel farther east and you will find that Harmony Valley transitions into a beautiful forest setting. It is a beautiful place has been named the Freeflower Forest, because of its large variety of flowering trees; including cherry blossoms, white flowering dogwoods and persian lilacs, just to name a few. This forest is a peaceful setting and a particularly lovely place to visit in the early spring.

Southern Lands

last post:
High in the mountain range in the Southern land, a dark and gloomy valley can be found. Dark clouds keep this place in a dreary haze, and common rain only adds to the depressing factor. Because of all the rain, floods, landslides and other disasters are common. Cleanup is always required after such events, a perfect job for mares. All the rain gives the valley plenty of tender grass, and puddles and small ponds are never hard to find.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
This land is part valley, part mountain. There are caves on the side of the mountain, perfect for mares or the colts to sleep in. It isn't a very steep mountain and easy to climb. You can see the entire land from here and watch over the mares while they worked. Food is hard to come by unless you climb a little ways. There is grass on the mountain and a little lake of water. The valley has too many trees and foliage to have enough grass.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
This land is nestled in a inlet from the ocean, surrounded by walls of cliffs. They are high and dangerous but there are pathways leading to the top to get out. There are waterfalls all over the cliffs but one main one that falls into a clear pond. The lands are lush and green the farther in you go with fresh water to drink but the air is heavy with salt from the ocean and the sounds of the crashing water fills the air.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
A large land, with a sea of green grass that is always seeming to be lush and healthy. The land is very large, with hiding places and shelter against the elements. A medium sized lake inhabitants part of the south side of the land with a secret source that replenishes it. As you go towards the East, the grass merges to stone and other rock. It travels along the border, and if you scale it, it goes to a cliff with a cave behind it. It is a small cave, and the cliff reaches out farther then the edge. Known as the Drop Off, which is what the land is named for. It drops down in a large canyon, deep, reaching hundreds to thousands of feet down. Trees scatter the land, providing shade for the hot summers. The land stands the seasons well, and is large to contain the inhabitants of the land.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
The southern-most portion of Lilly Terrace is a steep-sided gully. Thorns and prickly bushes grow throughout the gully, and its sandy bottom is crisscrossed by spring-fed streams. Climbing the gully brings you up to a flattened area of land bordered on the north by a gentle slope. The area is flat for a mile in each direction; at the end of each mile, the land becomes hilly and is consumed by forest. At the center of the flat area is an impossibly huge oak tree, the tips of its longest branches shading the slopes of the bordering hills. Its roots have churned up the bare earth, making a simple walk fatal if one isn't cautious. Peruvian lilies of all colors and sizes grow where the oak's leaves thin enough to let sunlight through. Going up the northern slope brings you to the terrace for which the land is named. Herbs and flowers of all sorts grow here, including several varieties of lilies. At the center of this wild garden is a spring fed pond. Hyacinth and irises grow in the water, which is also home to a family of large, brightly colored koi and several small terrapins.
Territory Claimed by: Open

Western Lands

last post:
This land needs a bit of work. The land is so named for the great lake that is centered in it, where the Sun rises over in glittering beauty. Surrounding Orbit Lake is a mix of valley and thin forest, where grass grows tall and green. However, the storms that blow through here every so often cause the dead limbs to fall of the trees, cluttering the ground, a mess perfect for stallions to clean up.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
When the endless fields of meadows end, it meets the thickly wooded forests of Arden. The aquamarine sky peeks out from the tall branches of the many Redwoods, Oaks, Spruce, and even some scarce Pines. Few medium-sized streams weave their way through the columns of saddle brown trees, topped with lush green. Few lucky horses have found large, spacious clearings, in which they call home. At night, the moon throws shadows, making it seem eerie and scary.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
A quiet, quaint forest draped in moss, Whispering Hollow is named for the sound the wind makes as it blows through the trees. An old forest, many of the trees are grand in size. As magnificent as these old trees are, they can cause problems. For one, their canopies often intertwine and are thick with leaves in every season but winter causing the territory to be dimly lit because little light shines through. The gaps between the ancient wood is narrow and littered with roots, and often the forest paths wind through these trees. It's not all bad however. In this dim old forest there are many hidden treasures. Often times the paths lead to a hollow within the trees. Often times these nooks are very small, only large enough for one or two horses to stand in comfortably, and there are larger ones. The best one is the hardest to get to, but worth it. A huge clearing lies in the center of the forest, full of lush grass and with an underground spring bubbling up in the center.
Territory Claimed by: Open

last post:
Esperance has a bit of everything in the lands. From hot sandy deserts to arctic mountains, it's all within the boundaries of this land. There are many streams and waterfalls scattered around, and in the center of the land is a vast tree network with rooms created by vines and trees. This is where all the privileged horses sleep. The largest room is, of course, the Master's. Other things that the trees provide include a courtyard area with a gazebo, a large "meeting room", a party area, and a few miscellaneous things.
Territory Claimed by: Open

Beyond the Valley

last post:
Dull, grey and undesired by the landowners of Geneva Valley, the Outlands are a forsaken place. While the land offers little for food, shelter and water with it's rocky outcroppings and sandy soil, there is one thing it can offer: a sense of safety. Runners and Wanderers favor this place because they know that a herdlander will never venture out here without reason.

last post:
Bordering the Outlands is a range of squat mountains that even the Runners and Wanderers shy away from. The barren, rocky surface of the mountains is chocked full of nooks and crannies, in which predators of all kinds watch, hidden. Any equine who dares venture here is betting their life, because few make it out alive from this dreadful place. Because the horses avoid this place, predators oftentimes venture out into equine lands for food, but they always return here, their true home.

Out of Character

last post:
Have a random something that you would like to share? Here is where you can talk about anything, just keep it clean.

last post:
Members can offer their artistic services for a fee or for free on this board. Check them out!

last post:
Plan on being gone for more than a week? We would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know.

last post:
Unless you are a member of the staff team, you will not be allowed to view this board. Here is where the admins can discuss evil things about our members important staff business in private.

last post: our homeland - a wild horse rpg by birdorcages
We all know that advertizing is what keeps RP sites alive, so here is where you can come to advertize. Follow the advertizing rules. GUEST FRIENDLY!

last post: Hallow Sins - Fantasy Equine RPG by KOWSHE.
Come here to browse through the history and memories of Geneva Valley. Old & inactive characters, IC threads, and OOC threads can be found here.


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